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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Start Putting Emotions in your Content

Most people's writing is boring, or too complicated.

Here are 6 things that will make you a better writer.

People and businesses think writing is about transferring INFORMATION, but writing is actually about transferring EMOTION.

Have you ever wondered why people like action movies so much? Because they keep you engaged. From now on you have to think about yourself as a writer of an action movie script.

Your goal is to get more engagement and possibly go viral, so stop writing bland content and keep on reading for our tips.

1. Target a specific emotion. 

When writing you need to have a clear intention to use one of these emotions. Put it on top of your mind. Evoke these emotions from your readers and catch their attention. It can be any of the following:

  • LOL — that’s so funny
  • WTF — that pisses me off
  • WOW — that’s amazing
  • NSFW — that’s crazy
  • Ohhh — now I get it
  • Finally — Someone said what I feel
  • Yay — that’s great news

You don't want to just put one emotion in every single post. That will make you predictable and that’s the easiest way to lose your reader's attention.

Make sure you plan to rotate or have variations in your content so your readers wouldn't get bored reading the same style of writing over and over again.

Mix things up.

2. Use powerful hooks.

People just endlessly scroll on social media sites most of the day.

With all other content available everywhere, how can you make them stop and read your content.

Use show stopper or scroll stopper powerful hooks. Get their attention, and make them curious about your content.

Here are some ideas:

1.   Myth buster


  • Everyone thinks this is better but I think otherwise.
  • Use General consensus and contradict it. 
  • Unpopular opinions

I can guarantee that someone will react to it. It can be leaning towards your own claims or contradicting your claims. 

It doesn’t matter. 

What you like is for them to engage with your content, share it, and reach more people. It can even open the door for further discussion with your readers.


2.   Underdog vs Bully

People love reading about how someone who’s facing a great, insurmountable challenge wins.

We love to see someone emerge victorious in a problematic situation.

Because all of us are rooting for the underdog and enjoy watching their journey. It also inspires us to overcome our own adversity too. Look at these samples. 

“ This guy took down the hedge fund from his mother’s basement.”  
“Founder of Underarmour created a product to solve a problem he faced as a football player.”
“Chipotle combating industrial farming corporation by offering sustainable food to the masses.”


Look for trending topics, and use this opportunity to gain traction online.

Especially when you phrase it as the readers are getting INSIDER news from you. We love the idea of knowing something we shouldn’t.

News-hacking can help you get your ideas out to a larger audience.

You just have to look for breaking news and inject your ideas so you and your brand get noticed. Take a look at this guy.

He chose Elon Musk’s announcement about layoffs within his company and got a lot of engagement and comments in his post. 

Newshacking is the most reliable and unique opportunity for you and your brand to get exposure by riding on the relevant news that you and your brand can capitalize on. 

By doing this, you can increase your brand relevance, credibility, and your authority.

 Businesses use this too for their PR marketing. Look at how Oreo take advantage of 2013 superbowl blackout. 

Simple, relevant, and timely. 

Shown in Superbowl where a lot of people are watching, it instantly gets a lot of engagement on Twitter as well. 

Sometimes you just have to act fast and be witty about it.

4. Get off your high horse.

You don’t want to scare your readers away with your highly intelligent words.

No one wants to search for the meaning of those words every single time.

Use 2nd-grade reading level. Write it in a way that even a child can understand.  

Easy to read, easy to understand.

This is the reason why a subreddit called “explain it to me like I’m Five” is popular. 

People are looking for simple nugget-size information that is easily understood by everyone regardless of their profession. 

5. USE CLICKBAIT TITLES. But only if you deliver what you promise.

Oftentimes people discouraged you to use clickbait, but you shouldn’t.

Clickbait titles can be used in a way that is beneficial to you and your readers. Readers get intrigued by the title and they can satisfy their curiosity by reading your content. 

But make sure that whatever you promise in your title will be delivered to your readers.

No one likes to be tricked into clicking the content and it ended up rubbish. Don’t waste your reader’s time. 


6. Lastly, if your content gets viral, don’t just ghost your readers.

Your content became viral for a reason. Look for it, check the analytics, look at the engagement, and use that data to recreate the post again.

The only way you can go viral again is by using the same technique as you did before.

Of course, you can never really predict if your content will go viral but having these tips in mind can help increase your chances. 

And there you have it, the 6 things to become a better writer. 

  • Target specific emotions per content and have variations on your succeeding posts. 
  • Use powerful hooks and try news hacking to get more engagements. 
  • Explain your points in a way a 5-year-old can understand. 
  • Use Clickbait titles only if you can deliver 
  • and lastly, don’t ghost your readers once your post got viral. 

Now, that you know the secrets of copywriting, time to get to work and apply all those learnings. 

Want to better your writing? There’s no way you can improve than just begin writing.

Start your journey to your best writing ever and draft your own blog post now. 


Mhai Bernales

Mhai is Floriddia's Personal Assistant. She recently shifted her career to marketing and currently exploring content creation, lead generation, and email marketing.